No, I don’t believe

It’s official.  I’m older today.  Yup!  The big two seven.  Nobody thought it would happen, in fact, nobody really even knew it did.  But it did.  And all I want to do is jump in the truck and drive down the coast with the windows down and blast HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH all day long.  Drive until I hit the sun and then peel my clothes off and jump in the river.  Who wants to go?  I can’t tell you when, however, because I don’t believe in time.

It’s wasting…

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No sense in hiding

I was looking for a song to post and when I heard this I could hear my dad singing it.  Of course it’s not the “bee’ulls” but oasis ain’t bad either.  Really just wanted to post this song because I was feeling like I had to hide my love away.  I may not “wear my heart on my sleeve” but I do tend to get carried away sometimes.  I just have so much love to give.

If that’s not a coded message then I really am a “deep” writer, aren’t I?  Well I’m not hiding my love away.  I love all of you.   Plain and simple.

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Green beer

This is a very special treat for me to share to you. The loins from which seed I grew from, the very man and woman that started all this, it gives me great pleasure to share with the world…My very own Parents! I’m so proud of them! They’re all grown up and out performing for the merry Irishmen down at the local pub on St. Patrick’s day.

This is where I get all my talent and good looks from.  It’s not everyday that I get to post a video of the very inspiration for this blog, so I have to make the most of it.  My folks have been playing for over a decade, and for the past few years they’ve gone down to the corner to play Irish music for the locals. A real taste of authentic music. It should make you want to get right up out of your chair and dance a jig! I hope you all enjoy these posts and there will be more surprises to come!

Happy St. Patrick’s day!

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the ground she’s movin’

There may not be much time left for me to write this…The world is moving.  You see what can happen in the blink of an eye, and you have to believe that our time is precious.  Give thanks that we are here, and keep those you love close.

…And oh yeah, LIVE!  There’s no reason to get worked up about things you can’t control.  They will happen weather you worry about them or not.  So you should honor those lives that were lost, with your life that you can live.  Take advantage of the fact that you’re still here and simply enjoy it.

And what better way is there to enjoy life than to listening to a little music?


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this is my message to you hoo hoo

This morning in the rising sun, a melody so pure and true, three little birds outside my window woke me.  They were singing sweet songs.  A beautiful message they bring.  “Don’t worry… About A thing… Cause every little thing…  Is gonna be alright.”

Three little birds…right outside my doorstep.  So pure.  So true.  This is my message to you:  Don’t worry.  Don’t fret.  Don’t let the the little things get you down.  Everything is going to be alright.  Life has a funny way of redeeming itself.  If you don’t sweat the small stuff then you’ll find that things tend to even out.  It’s not about the second chances that life throws us, but more about that if we’re too busy worrying about the outcome of the first chance we get, we wont have the eyes to see anymore chances thrown at us.

When you don’t have a care in the world you’ll be free to see all that life has to offer.  Love. Passion.  Art.  Soul.  Experience these things with no strings attached. No worries.  Heed the words of the birds.  Sing out and enjoy today, because today will only happen once.

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The trade winds have come through again.  With an era of incoming changes that are both uncertain and intimidating, it’s always best to leap with the foot that’s most grounded.  Change is inevitable and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.  We can only seem to hold onto what we’ve learned and take the plunge from our safety nests to see if we can fly.  Some of us are graduating, some of us are learning new jobs, some of us are seeing new places, and some of us are finally seeing the payoffs of working hard all our lives.  We all have to face these transformations that will indeed make us stronger… Make us grow our wings when it comes time for us to fly… Let’s just remember that we are strongest when we fly together.

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Call Me Al

A man walks down the street,
He says, Why am I short of attention?
Got a short little span of attention,
And whoa, my nights are so long!
Where’s my wife and family?
What if I die here?
Who’ll be my role-model?
Now that my role-model is ….
Gone …… gone,
He ducked back down the alley,
With some roly-poly, little bat-faced girl.
All along …. along ….
There were incidents and accidents,
There were hints and allegations …..

…Oh, hey there folks!  Y’all still payin’ attention to this here lil’ blog of mine?  I started putting this together with one song in mind, and I nearly forgot to put it in.  This is a song from my dad’s catalog, but it’s by far my favorite.  I’m so very glad that I get to post the actual video too, because Chevy Chase and Paul Simon are two of my favorite personalities.

When I was little this was always the most fun song to sing along with, and get up and dance in the living room with Mom, Dad, and Sis… I think I can speak for everyone that although times may have been rough back then for everyone, we sure did have some good times.  Didn’t we?

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