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from the soul

Some of these songs I may or may not have a story for, but the music usually speaks for itself…This is one of those songs.  I gotta say that it’s a really inspirational song though, so it just might get … Continue reading

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pay day

          Every real working man looks forward to that one day of the week, when you hit that pavement on payday and you got the tunes cranked and the windows rolled down.  Pealing rubber out of … Continue reading

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At the end of the day

With much more to come I want to share some of the best songs first. Today’s song is a tribute to my father’s father.  A man who could have used a little more love, and most certainly deserved to be … Continue reading

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One is the loneliest number

Welcome to the first installment of “My Father’s Radio.”  This blog is a reflection of the shit that my dad listens to…Well, it’s not all “shit,” but that’s his word so I’ll use it profoundly. A little background on why … Continue reading

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