Call Me Al

A man walks down the street,
He says, Why am I short of attention?
Got a short little span of attention,
And whoa, my nights are so long!
Where’s my wife and family?
What if I die here?
Who’ll be my role-model?
Now that my role-model is ….
Gone …… gone,
He ducked back down the alley,
With some roly-poly, little bat-faced girl.
All along …. along ….
There were incidents and accidents,
There were hints and allegations …..

…Oh, hey there folks!  Y’all still payin’ attention to this here lil’ blog of mine?  I started putting this together with one song in mind, and I nearly forgot to put it in.  This is a song from my dad’s catalog, but it’s by far my favorite.  I’m so very glad that I get to post the actual video too, because Chevy Chase and Paul Simon are two of my favorite personalities.

When I was little this was always the most fun song to sing along with, and get up and dance in the living room with Mom, Dad, and Sis… I think I can speak for everyone that although times may have been rough back then for everyone, we sure did have some good times.  Didn’t we?


About myfathersradio

Aspiring to be a comedy writer. This is my first blog.
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3 Responses to Call Me Al

  1. Mom says:

    Makes me want to dance with you again real soon! deffinatly the best of times sweet heart! Just love you so much!

  2. Sissy says:

    Hey remember going downtown to pick up dad after work and listen’ to this on the way home. Singing in the car was fun!

  3. Uncle D says:

    I think that we had thoes chairs, They were green though and I think they were on Tahitian in Medford Oregon. Great song.

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