this is my message to you hoo hoo

This morning in the rising sun, a melody so pure and true, three little birds outside my window woke me.  They were singing sweet songs.  A beautiful message they bring.  “Don’t worry… About A thing… Cause every little thing…  Is gonna be alright.”

Three little birds…right outside my doorstep.  So pure.  So true.  This is my message to you:  Don’t worry.  Don’t fret.  Don’t let the the little things get you down.  Everything is going to be alright.  Life has a funny way of redeeming itself.  If you don’t sweat the small stuff then you’ll find that things tend to even out.  It’s not about the second chances that life throws us, but more about that if we’re too busy worrying about the outcome of the first chance we get, we wont have the eyes to see anymore chances thrown at us.

When you don’t have a care in the world you’ll be free to see all that life has to offer.  Love. Passion.  Art.  Soul.  Experience these things with no strings attached. No worries.  Heed the words of the birds.  Sing out and enjoy today, because today will only happen once.


About myfathersradio

Aspiring to be a comedy writer. This is my first blog.
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