No sense in hiding

I was looking for a song to post and when I heard this I could hear my dad singing it.  Of course it’s not the “bee’ulls” but oasis ain’t bad either.  Really just wanted to post this song because I was feeling like I had to hide my love away.  I may not “wear my heart on my sleeve” but I do tend to get carried away sometimes.  I just have so much love to give.

If that’s not a coded message then I really am a “deep” writer, aren’t I?  Well I’m not hiding my love away.  I love all of you.   Plain and simple.


About myfathersradio

Aspiring to be a comedy writer. This is my first blog.
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One Response to No sense in hiding

  1. ricky bobby says:

    keep the posts coming good sir, they are appreciated and followed 🙂

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