The Working Man

Okay folks, I’m going to riffle through some of these just to get them out.  I’ve got just a ton of music for you to enjoy!

If you start to see a trend in the musical choices that I’ve selected, you’ll start to notice that my dad is a hard working man.  He gets up everyday and goes to work, even if it’s his day off.  He’s a good ol’ boy and therefore he plays his good ol’ music all the time.

This next song is one of my favorites from my dad’s collection.  I remember learning the words to it when I was merely 8 or 9 years old. This will always be stuck in my head while riding the bus.


One Response to The Working Man

  1. MoM says:

    Hello dear son,
    Your Dad is singing your great opening song. I myself thinks it is ironic that it’s your Mom that is riding the bus now!!! Lol:<)

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